So Sandy and I are currently watching the movie Dan in Real Life.  It’s a good movie so far, I guess, but definitely not your standard comedy (nothing but bad news for the lead guy so far).  So it was reminding us of a few movies we’ve seen recently that were billed as comedies but turned out to be some of the most depressing movies we’ve ever seen.  One, called The Family Stone, was particularly despair inducing.  But on the cover of that movie in seriously BIG lettering were the words “Uproariously Funny!”.  So we expected a comedy, something that should at least induce a chuckle … but this movie couldn’t squeeze a courtesy laugh out of Jim Carrey.

So anyway, we have seemed to hit on a bunch of movies that reverse expectations lately, and we’ve begun to call them all by the same designator … Uproariously Funny Movie.  Here’s a short list of those we can remember right now …

The Family Stone … a movie so depressing even Dolly Parton would consider ending it all after this one.

Waitress … a story so warped, strange and “faith in humanity” reducing that it’s difficult to watch at times.  Sure about the last 15 seconds of the movie leave you with a carrot, but even that is more like the green stem.

Not One Less … OK, not exactly billed as a comedy, but it is a very well regarded Chinese movie that seemed to have an important life affirming message.  Again, the payoff came with a whimper and made you wait about two hours.

The Pursuit of Happyness …. We love Will Smith.  Loved Hitch.  We went to see this when we were in particular need of an uplift, didn’t really get it.  Again, mostly an exercise in heart wrenching human difficulty and tragedy …. WOOOHOOO!

Anyway, that’s all we can think of right now.  It’s not that any of these are bad movies, just please enter with the right expectations.  You are warned!

Update:  The movie (Dan in Real Life) is just about over, and I think we can safely classify it as UFM.  Good movie, no doubt, but sooooo UFM.