Pieces of April, with Kate Holmes as the lead character, April.  It’s not a terrible show, it just wasn’t what it was advertised to be (certainly not “wickedly funny” – sorry Newsweek!).  We read the Netflix blurb and anticipated a comedy of errors involving in-laws, not unlike Meet the Parents.  What the film synopsis leaves is out the fact that April was a rebellious teen and everyone in the family hates her for the pain she caused them as an adolescent.  To boot, April’s Mom has cancer, and on the way to April’s apartment for the infamous Thanksgiving dinner (which she only goes to because she believes it will probably be their last Thanksgiving together) has to pull over and vomit many times.  And, of course, April’s boyfriend is African American, and gets beat up by April’s ex-boyfriend-gang-member-druggie.  So it has this whole urban under-theme to it.  Like I said, not a bad movie, just not even close to a comedy, romantic or otherwise.  I would call it a drama that permits an occasional chuckle.