Tom tried the new FrontRunner train this week.  It took, um, 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to work — but hey, the first 25 minutes were on the brand new train, then a 10 minute wait for light rail, then just over an hour riding the light rail from downtown to the park-n-ride in Sandy, where Tom’s brother was gracious enough to pick him up and cart him to the office.  We told the kids all about Dad’s adventure, with Dad expressing how happy he feels when he rides mass transit (weird, we know, but completely true).  After listening excitedly to the tale, Z earnestly inquired, “Dad, did you get the hot chocolate?”

Sadly, a few days later at dinner when Z was asked to share something that he had learned that day, he shared, “You only get hot chocolate on the train if it’s the Polar Express.”  Poor little guy.  Should we tell him about the Easter Bunny, too?