So I am currently sitting in our Beijing hotel room … nice place.  We wish we could take this room with us throughout the trip, there is no way our rooms will be this nice going forward.

Quick note: Vimeo (the site we use for video) is blocked by the China firewall … so I need to find a different solution for that.  Right now we pay by the minute for internet … so I’ll wait till we have free access before I figure that out.

So here’s how the day went …

Got to the airport early and with plenty of time (which turned out to be even more “plenty of time”).  Met Ty Burrell of Modern Family fame … seriously nice guy and very cool about me getting a picture with him (seen below).

Shortly after we boarded our plane.  Shortly after that we pulled back into the gate to make a “5 minute fix” to the on board A/C unit.  Shortly after that they told us the fix was going to be more like 25 minutes so go ahead and unbuckle and stretch the legs.  Shortly after that they deplaned us all and said it would be a bit longer than they anticipated.  So, 2 hours after we were supposed to leave … we did.

Due to that delay, our LAX experience became a mad dash make it to our first international leg.  Made it with about 10 minutes to spare and got in our seats just in time.

OK, so the LA to Seoul flight started out really fun.  We were surrounded by Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese speakers and it was awesome to hear it all.  The fun started to become not so much fun when Sandy said, “We’re about half way through this flight … right?”  Sadly, no.  We were about 3 hours into the 13 hours we would eventually spend on that crummy food, crazy screaming Korean guy (ask me about this one later … it was truly weird … essentially an air rage incident), everlasting flight!  The flight was made much better, though, by a pretty incredible on flight entertainment system.  Sandy and I watched Blind Side together and I watched Sherlock Holmes … both of which were 1st time views.

Anyway, we made it Seoul (Incheon, actually) and had to go through security again to make it to our Seoul-Beijing flight.  By the time that was all done we, again, had about 10 minutes before we had to board.  It was a very tight day making all of our connections … but we were blessed to be able to make them all.

The Beijing flight was also a bit difficult.  It was pretty bumpy and Sandy got quite sick when the turbulence was combined with bad food, lack of sleep and another pretty terrible dinner offering on this flight.  I didn’t eat either on this flight as the meal really didn’t look very appetizing.

We arrived in Beijing at about 8:30pm and made it to our hotel at about 9:30pm.

I started this post last night before bed … but now it’s Sunday morning and we are preparing for our final leg to Nanjing.  It will be a 2 hour flight and then a relaxing Sunday in Nanjing.  We will be united with Claire sometime tomorrow around noon.  CAN’T WAIT!!!

On another very positive note … Seth’s soccer Team Hydras won their game today which puts them at 3-0 for the season so far … WAY TO GO!!!

Well … I need to finish getting ready … so I’ll check in later today or tomorrow!  And I’ll try to get the video thing fixed up.

Love and miss you all … Tom and Sandy.

Some videos …