Claire’s first cow-milking.  Now that’s a first to remember.  Actually, it was a first for me, Grant and Zane as well.  Kate, well, no firsts for her.  She just wasn’t feeling so adventurous.  There was something about a stuffy barn, hot weather, and farm smells that she didn’t find inspiring.  And our wonderful friends the Howard Family were there to enjoy the festivities with us.  (Not sure why I didn’t take a picture that included the Howard Family – sorry Hadley!) Oh, and the end result, well, let’s just say that we all get bonus points for trying something new.  When Claire looks at the below picture of herself milking the cow, she says, “I bu yao [don’t] like milking cow.  It’s gross!”

And while enjoying the first milking, why not get the first goat-petting?

Up next is Claire’s first baseball game.  My cousin Mary arranged for discount tickets for everyone, so it was a big group.  Even my cousin visiting from Sweden was there with her boyfriend and daughter.  Fun times, fun times.

  I told her we wanted one with her eyes open, so then we got this shot! 

As a bonus, the Bumble Bee mascot-thingy signed the kids’ tickets.  I confess I was a bit nervous to go to the game, as last time we attended the kids only lasted four innings.  This time, Claire was ready to go starting at the top of the fourth inning, but she stuck it out and says she had an enjoyable evening.  Kate, Grant, Zane and Seth seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, especially singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”  for the 7th inning stretch. 

(Oh, btw, in the pictures below, this was hardly her first time to eat french fries.  This girl loves french fries, but I think her deep love for them stems from her appreciation for the french fries as a vehicle by which she can consume as much ketchup as is humanly possible.)