I don’t have a sister.  I do have wonderful SIL’s, and I would like to think that my relationships with each of them approximate the relationships between two women who grew up together.  But the reality is that I didn’t grow up with another little girl in my life.  Perhaps that is why I marvel at the relationship between Kate and Claire.  They seem to have simply and easily fallen into the roles of caring for and protecting each other.  Here’s what I think are two fantastic examples:

1.  Claire towards Kate.  We went to get KATE’S haircut.  We have not cut Claire’s hair since she joined us, but rumor has it that haircuts she received in the past were less-than-pleasant experiences.  So when Claire went with us to watch Kate get her haircut, well, this ensued . . .

[insert picture here that I appear to have inadvertently deleted off my camera (real tears are being shed here by me – how can I un-delete a picture?) Anyway, it [was] a picture I happened to snap of Claire reaching up quietly to hold Kate’s hand right after she sat down in the hair-dresser’s chair and had her cape put on]

2.  Kate towards Claire.  Today was library day, and as Kate was showing me what she brought home, she showed me this book:

An ordinary book . . but what makes it extra-ordinary was Kate’s explanation, “Mom, I got this book because it seemed like one that Claire would really enjoy if I read it to her.”