From November 23, 2010:

So there was *supposed* to be this giant blizzard last night; instead, we got a few inches of snow, some icy roads, 18 degree temperatures, and blowy wind.  In other words, we got an opportunity for sledding this morning.

At the house . . . the boys ran ahead before we could get them in the picture!

Claire and Kate before their first ride down:                                                                                                                                                

And the moment for which they had been waiting:  Claire’s first (albeit timid) ride down our little sledding hill.  (You may notice that she ignored my very reporter-like inquisition into her feelings about her first sledding experience.  Alas, who could blame her?  Seth was offering more sledding!)

Now it is January 2011, and we are happy to report that sledding is a favorite winter past time.  Claire never turns down an opportunity, even if Kate isn’t going.  She has been known to tough it out for hours, literally, cold and shivering, on our little sled hill.  There’s a rumor circulating that on one occasion Claire even wore her pajamas on underneath her snowsuit because she simply couldn’t wait one more second to get moving.  Apparently she just can’t get enough of the feel of the icy wind on her face!