It had been over a year since Claire has had a haircut, so we decided it was about time.  We know vintage is in, but really, her hair was starting to look frightenly similar to Florence Henderson’s!   We have suggested the idea before, but Claire really wants long hair like her sister’s and has been a bit resistant to any sort of haircut.  Not this time.  I sort of gingerly suggested it and she was immediately all about climbing in the van and heading on our way.  In fact, it happened so fast that once in the van I hesitated, thinking that Tom might want to be there for this momentous event, or that maybe Claire would want Kate to go with her to hold her hand.  But a quick text to Tom indicated he was okay with “missing out” and there was no talking Claire into waiting, so off we went.  I even took a little ziploc baggie so I could keep some locks of hair from her “first” haircut – and then promptly forgot about it and left the shop without snagging any precious little wisps of hair.  Oh well, I guess it is actually kind of gross anyway.