Our second grade curriculum includes the annual animal fair.   Each child selects a specific animal (e.g., capuchin monkey, not just monkey) and does a written report, backboard and visual aid.  We are big believers in our children doing their own work – heck, we already completed second grade! – so Kate, Grant and Zane were left to their own devices.  I am glad they were, because what they created turned out absolutely fantastic.  Great work, guys!  We can tell how much time and effort you put into your projects.

Grant was the first second grader ever to complete a project on the Moray Eel!  Because he wants to be like Seth in pretty much every way, he chose clay for his medium, since Seth’s second grade report included a clay tiger (or leopard, or some other large cat). 

Kate created her project from cotton balls, cotton makeup pads, a toilet paper roll, paper towels, an old white t-shirt, fuzz-oodles, pipe cleaner, glue, markers and a little bit of construction paper.  And I didn’t have to go to the store to buy one thing (well, I had to replenish the cotton balls)!  Kate is queen of all things crafts!

We’re pretty sure Zane is the only kid to ever make an animal entirely out of cardboard and duct tape (and a little spray paint).  I confess I had reservations when he announced his plan, but I bit my tongue (which really is rare for me to do).  After about 4 hours and as many rolls of duct tape, his masterpiece was complete.  I am so glad I shut my trap – isn’t it awesome?