How does that happen?  Today was the most ordinary of days.  But it shouldn’t have been.  Today is a big day in our family.  Exactly one year ago today, Tom and I were in China, meeting Claire live and in person for the first time.

In celebration, last night we took the kids out for Hibachi grill at a Japanese steak house.  They have been asking for quite some time, and so we finally obliged, it being a special occasion and all.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching our chef flick an eggshell into his hat while he grilled up yummy goodness for our consumption.   Then we ate far too much ice cream at a local shake shop.  We laughed and laughed, and left Claire a little confused about why we were fussing over her — she’s still a little shaky on the “one whole year” concept – but we’ll let it slide since she has basically mastered a second language this year 🙂

But see, we HAD to celebrate last night, because today was, well, ordinary.  Kate and Zane had to be at school early for chorus, so no fun breakfast could be had.  Tom came home from work not feeling well, then bundled himself up in a hoodie and warm socks and went downstairs in the basement to work from home.  Zane came home from school with a stomach ache, and then was carted back to school when his stomach ache managed to right itself.  Having Zane home delayed errand-running, so I made good use of the time baking three loaves of bread while Claire helped Zane heal.  And ultimately Claire and I had to go to Costco, because we had like two sips of milk left.  Oh, and we had to stop by and grab some white shirts for the 2nd grade program which we should have already turned in — that actually took stopping at two different stores to find the right thing.  And I went for a jog (did I mention all the eating last night?) while Claire watched Leapfrog Letter Factory on Netflix.  And Seth and Tom had soccer practice almost right after school got out, and then a 30 minute window between the end of soccer practice and the beginning of meetings for both Tom and Seth.

See, what I mean?  It was the most ordinary of days.

But at the end of the day, I was able to quickly capture this:

A year ago today, God showered what are certainly some of his choicest blessings upon us when he brought Claire into our family.  Now THAT was a monumental day.  But today, we simply hugged each other, and Claire, a little tighter.  And stayed up a little bit later than usual to enjoy each other’s company just a little bit longer.  And enjoyed telling each other – and all our friends – “Happy Anniversary” all day.  And smiled a little more.  And basked in the knowledge that our family is different than it was a year ago.  Which made us all feel a little more grateful than usual.  Because, after a whole year, well, even the ordinary days are better because Claire is part of them.