Monday was the first day of school.  We all knew it was coming, yet somehow it still caught us off guard.  Who wants to get up early and start doing homework?  No one, that’s who. Nor do we enjoy our twice-daily runs to the store to pick up yet another school supply that we forgot to get the last time we were out! We’re just trusting that if we take it one day at a time, we will eventually get back into a routine again.

Seth started Junior High this year – 7th grade.  It’s a lot to adjust to and he finds it a bit stressful, but he’s doing great.  We love that he is conscientious about his responsibilities, but can still manage to eek out a bit of fun from it all.

Grant is loving third grade. Too bad he doesn’t love his chores as much as he loves his teacher . . .

Kate really is happy about seeing all her friends. Few kids are more organized than Kate. She is pretty sure third grade is going to be awesome.

I can’t get Zane’s picture to load, so you’ll have to enjoy his mugshot from this little combo shot. This week Zane likes school.

Claire technically doesn’t start school until this upcoming Monday. But she did get to go to an open house this week and meet her teacher and find her spot at the table and check out her cubby.  Oh, and make a school bus out of a twinkie, but she ate that before we could manage a picture.

**Keaton, if you are reading this, those are french braids in Claire’s hair, not dutch braids. I still need lots of practice, but I’m getting better! Thanks for the hair-styling tips. 🙂