Today is the day that we traveled to the US Consulate to complete Liz’s immigration paperwork.  The offices aren’t anything fancy, just a floor in an office building in downtown Guangzhou.  But there is something special about the experience of being there in a US facility and holding your right hand up in a swearing ceremony.  We got the benefit of being first in line for the “interview” because I work for the federal government … at least there is one perk!  The whole process went very quickly and we were on our way back to the hotel before we knew it.  Now we just have to land on US soil and Liz is officially a United States citizen!

The first part of the day went so fast that we decided we might have time to head to the Safari Park a day early.  We had planned on doing it Friday but thought it might be busier then, so we decided to give it a try.  Boy was it worth it!

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but we saw about 1 billion pandas, koalas, white tigers, etc.  Where you would expect to see one or two of any given animal in a US zoo … this safari park had huge populations of just about any animal you cared to see.  It was truly impressive.  My personal favorite was the elephants, which seems weird because there are elephants in our local zoo.  What got me, though, was just how many of them there were.

The park itself is also huge.  We were about 3 hours into our visit when I looked at the map and realized there was no way we were going to see it all.  We hustled to the “Safari on Wheels” section where you hop on a tram for 45 minutes to see a ton of animals in more natural habitats (this also included huge populations of tigers, lions, bears – oh my – , wolves, … bunch of others … and particularly giraffes.  After that, we hit a couple of other exhibits and finished with the white tiger show … which was also very cool.

My personal goal after today is to spend more time at this general location with the whole family some day.  We hit the Safari Park but there is also a huge water park and amusement park (apparently with a world record 12 loops on a single ride) right next to the Safari Park and a resort hotel as well.  It would be a blast to end a family vacation to China here, me thinks.

After an easy subway ride home, we were all exhausted and hungry so we grabbed some McD’s and brought it to the room.  We watched some Cash Cab Asia and went lights out.  Good day.